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Once your proposed file name is accepted it will be entered automatically into this space.
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Tell us what the photo represents, what we are seeing in the photo. When someone clicks on the photo in an article this description should give them more information about the object in the photo.
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To download a photo press the browse button above and find the photo on your computer. After finding it, select the photo. After filling the other blanks press the submit button and it will be downloaded automatically. You will then see a page displaying your photo with the full file name. If more than one photo has the same name, a version number will be added to make it unique. Use this full name to link a photo to an article.

Be sure your image file ends with ".jpg". For the time being we will only accept jpeg formatted photographs such as "myfoto.jpg", "img025.jpg", "C:/users/ Johnny/ desktop/ pictures/ puppy.jpg". Inappropriate photographs will be removed.
By submitting a photo you guarantee that you are the author or current legal owner of the photograph or illustration and affirm that you are donating the rights to the photograph or illustration to InfoPetia to use as they deem fit.